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New Members read this first. Contains an explanation of how this Noticeboard works.

You do not have enough Respect Points to post in this topic.

[JudasPriest WebMaster] Wednesday, April 14, 2010 12:24:25 AM 

Welcome to the Noticeboard!


Being a member of this Noticeboard is a privilege and not a right.  You are expected to behave in a civil manner and refrain from personal attacks on other users. 

Things that will result in your message and/or your account being banned:

  • Racist, Sexist, Homophobic comments
  • Belittling, ridiculing, or personal attacks on another member
  • Any post that includes anything that could result in police involvement - which includes but is not limited to: death threats, posting another users photo without their permission, posting personal details about another user including address, phone number or email address.

Offensive Messages

I ask all users to please use the 'target' icon on a post to report it if they find the message offensive.  These messages are reviewed periodically, and action is taken as required based on the above rules.


Repect Points Explained

Due to past abuse of this Noticeboard, we have had to introduce a Respect Points system.

All new users start out with 0 Respect Points and can only post in the Introductions [New Members post here] topic.
For the first month all new members are on 'probation'.  After your first month, assuming you have been active by posting on the Noticeboard a few times you will be promoted to a regular user and be assigned 25 Respect Points automatically.  This system has been put in place to prevent people abusing the Noticeboard after having their account banned, by just re-registering with a new email address.

You can also earn and lose Respect Points in a number of other ways.

Summary of Earning Points* New users start with 0 points and earn points up to 25 based on the number of posts they make and they need to be a member for 1 month
* Once you reach the 25 Respect Points the number of posts you make above this will have NO affect on your points level. 
* Adding a User to your Friend List adds a Respect Point to them
* Removing a User from your Friend List deducts a Respect Point from them
* Adding a User to your Ignore List deducts a Respect Point from them
* Having a Message Banned deducts one point from the User who posted it

Respect Points Calculation Update

I have also ran an update for all existing users Respect Points to accurately take into account:

a) their number of Friends
b) the number of people Ignoring them
c) the number of banned messages.
d) All users who are out of their first month probabation period have been allocated 50 respect points, plus or minus the changes caused by a, b and c.

To allow me to do c) I have deleted all previously banned messages (702 of them as of 5th July 2006) on this Noticeboard.

This Respect Points calculation is now scheduled to run once every day.  So, once a user finshed their probation period they are allocated 25 respect points - enough for them to start using all the features of the Noticeboard.  However, as soon as a user achieves 25 respect points they are then allocated 50 respect points plus or minus the changes caused by a, b or c.

From now on (5th July 2006), any messages I ban will affect your Respect Points.  I will only ban messages that are unacceptable.  People who reply (quote) to a message which is banned will have their messages DELETED.  This means that you are not punished for replying to an unacceptable message.  Of course, if the manner in which you reply is unnacceptable then your message too will be banned.  By Deleting this messages, it will not affect your Respect Points, but it will affect your Post Count.

How to use the Friends List

* Under Admin you can see your list of Friends.  From here you can Remove users that you have previously added to your Friend List.
* You can add a Friend to your list by clicking on the 'Add User as a Friend' link when reading a Message (PM) in your Inbox.
* You can also add a Friend to your list by clicking on the 'Add User as a Friend' from a Users Profile.

Other FAQ

* You lose points by people having YOU on THEIR ignore list, not by you using your ignore list.

* Once you attain 25 respect points you cannot go below this.  That is, once you have passed your probation period you will never be demoted back to having less than 25 points.  You may drop below 25 respect points, but only for a period of 24 hours.  The daily automated points calculation task will then increase you back up to 25 points.

Ignore User effect on Respect Points

The Ignore User feature is only available to those people who have more than 25 points.  This is to prevent people creating new accounts just to ignore users and affect that users Respect Points.

Edit Message

There is a time restriction of 30 mins on being able to Edit your messages.  That is, you can edit a message for up to 30 minutes after you have posted it, but after that time your message cannot be changed.  This gives you the opportunity to edit your message to fix spelling mistakes etc immediately after posting it, but prevents you from posting abuse and then editing it later before I have had time to review your message to determine if it should be banned or not.




Hopefully all of the above is not too confusing.  In summary, as a new user you are on probation for 1 month which restricts you from posting anywhere in the Noticeboard.  After 1 month of using the Noticeboard, assuming you have made a few posts you will be promoted to a full user of the Noticeboard with access to all the features here.

Once again welcome and enjoy your time here.

Regards, WebMaster

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