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Random Facts Thread
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Tell us what you know!

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[Budred] Thursday, April 24, 2014 4:51:11 AM 

Noisecreep is running a cd release of the month contest and gives the winner a monthly feature. "Help a brother out". A band I like (insert smily) just happens to be winning and exposure of any kind helps so how about a vote for me.(and MRH). They are winning by a large margin. (...surprising actually).


[guidogodoy] Tuesday, January 21, 2014 11:20:45 AM 
HA! Yeah, I suppose that is true as well.....

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Head banger from Tuesday, January 21, 2014 7:31:46 AM)
[Head banger] Tuesday, January 21, 2014 7:31:46 AM 
Maybe you can. I can run 6 miles if I repeat the album, multiple times...
[guidogodoy] Monday, January 20, 2014 5:52:01 PM 
You can run 6 miles+ to OM1 by Queensryche. Granted, I repeated a couple of songs.
[Tania2194AD] Saturday, January 04, 2014 1:07:23 AM 
are you crazy man?

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Before The Rage from Friday, January 03, 2014 1:18:53 PM)
[Before The Rage] Friday, January 03, 2014 1:18:53 PM 
Secretly, I've always fantasized about Les Binks rejoining Judas Priest.  

Been years since I've posted on here!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

[guidogodoy] Thursday, October 31, 2013 11:34:20 AM 
Long enough. World-class surfer, Mark Foo, died at Mavericks. Unexpected because he was not only an amazing surfer but that he was a big wave surfer having grown up surfing North Shore, Waikiki, etc. Many would have thought a wave from Hawai'i would have taken him before one in the (then unknown) USA big waves spots.

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by guidogodoy from Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:42:09 PM)
[guidogodoy] Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:42:09 PM 
Mavericks took the life of what world-class surfer? (as always, Google / searching is a foul)
[Brian_Evans] Sunday, October 27, 2013 1:47:07 PM 
 Ok man, you are the computer KING....."LONG LIVE THE KING".
Although you don't have to get snippy just because I corrected you on the color of the MacBook Air.
Now, here is some nice music you can listen to as you oversee your Crystalwell kingdom. Enjoy!
[guidogodoy] Saturday, October 26, 2013 9:17:39 PM 
Yeah, that is why I own three MacBook Pros and run a mac lab - whatta sleuth. Sure, I am a PC fanboy.

You aren't a gamer. You do no real processing and, as I said, you only read what you can about machines. Heaven forbid that you should OWN one. Hell, me looking at a roomful of Macs could never outweigh your info on what color in which they are "supposedly" produced, eh? Nah, you are far too smart.

Edited at: Saturday, October 26, 2013 9:42:24 PM
[Brian_Evans] Saturday, October 26, 2013 8:12:38 PM 
 Rule #1....never place your MacBooks in the will fry the the logic board every time.
Now, stop being a PC fanboy   ...everyone knows that Macs are better... lmao

[guidogodoy] Saturday, October 26, 2013 1:46:19 PM 
Do your research or buy a machine. I am typing on one. It is a MacBook Pro running i7 Crystalwell, not the i5 Haswell. Updating that last laptop to Mavericks for free too. 

I get mine from work. You must just read articles online. Final note? My home-build PCs will still blow any of these new MacBook Pros out of the water.
[Brian_Evans] Tuesday, October 22, 2013 6:01:16 PM 
 New MacBooks released today. 
thunderbolt 2
[guidogodoy] Friday, September 06, 2013 4:20:13 PM 
Cheater! Return to "go" and do not collect $200 (even though the answer is correct).

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by METALMANJP from Friday, September 06, 2013 9:34:28 AM)
[METALMANJP] Friday, September 06, 2013 9:34:28 AM 

Okay, I had to cheat and look it up. Bard College

[guidogodoy] Thursday, September 05, 2013 7:50:33 PM 
Neither. He sings it in the lyrics but (yet another hint), he actually repeats "Annandale."

Still not the "Old School."

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by METALMANJP from Thursday, September 05, 2013 8:46:11 AM)
[METALMANJP] Thursday, September 05, 2013 8:46:11 AM 

Anondale or Anaheim ?

[guidogodoy] Tuesday, September 03, 2013 7:46:33 PM 
While the lyrics mention "William and Mary" in the song by Steely Dan - "My Old School," the song isn't about that particular school.

Biggest clue? The train mentioned, "The Wolverine," didn't go close to it. Anyone who could name the school without a Wiki or looking up the comments gets a star.

[Vaillant 3.0] Thursday, August 15, 2013 6:52:58 PM 
Cool. When you're done watching paint dry, don't forget to post that here as well.

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by hellrider 31038 from Thursday, August 15, 2013 5:25:36 PM)
[hellrider 31038] Thursday, August 15, 2013 5:25:36 PM 
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