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Thursday, May 1, 2008

With anticipation building towards the June 17 release date of Judas Priest's double disc concept album, 'Nostradamus' (and forthcoming 'Metal Masters' tour), three band members - singer Rob Halford and guitarists Glenn Tipton and KK Downing - will be participating in the group's first in-store signings in over two decades. The in-stores will be occurring over two days - Thursday, May 8 at Hot Topic at the Plaza at King of Prussia (in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania) and on Friday, May 9 at Vintage Vinyl (in Woodbridge, New Jersey).

The Hot Topic signing begins at 6pm, and will be limited to 500 people (on a first come/first serve basis). In order to receive a wristband, fans must pre-order 'Nostradamus' or purchase any Judas Priest CD or t-shirt in the store, beginning May 2. Fans will also receive a free poster. The band will sign one item per customer- no guitars please. For more information about the Hot Topic signing, call (610) 265-6610.

The Vintage Vinyl signing also begins at 6pm, and again, will be limited to the first 500 fans. Fans will be able to pre-order 'Nostradamus' (regular or deluxe version), and will receive a wristband that gets them access to this exclusive event. They will also receive a poster, which they can get signed by Rob, Glenn and KK. The guys will only be signing one item per customer - again, no guitars please - and there will be one wristband per customer. For more information about the Vintage Vinyl signing, call (732) 225-7717.

"The 'Nostradamus' album - above all others - is perhaps the one I'm most proud of," says Glenn Tipton. "Whilst in essence and character still very much Judas Priest, it has afforded the opportunity to explore areas of classical and operatic dimensions that the band normally wouldn't. As a guitarist and writer it has inspired me to greater heights and opened new doors to intrigue and passion. From start to finish it will take you through a magical experience filled with light, shade, drama, melody and emotion, that reflects this unique man and his life. Why did we choose Nostradamus? We didn't - he chose us. We feel it was meant to be!"

For more information, visit:

Hot Topic
Plaza at King of Prussia
160 N. Gulph Rd.
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 265-6610

Vintage Vinyl Records
Corner of Route 1 North and Ford Avenue Woodbridge, NJ
(732) 225-7717 

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