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Glenn Tipton Talks To About Epitaph Tour

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For a band on the verge of supposed retirement, UK metal gods JUDAS PRIEST certainly have a lot on their plate to appease fans across the globe. For starters, the newly Chosen Few compilation and Singles Cuts box set have collectors frothing at the mouth. And the five-piece are causing a frenzy amongst tour-goers wondering if this will indeed be the final Epitaph? And of course with new guitarist Richie Faulkner in the ranks, the Priest are firing with all cylinders again. Guitarist Glenn Tipton - who has duelled on-stage with K.K. Downing for nearly forty years before his exit earlier this year - is in fine spirits and rises over any drama in a calm, cool and most certainly collected manner. The revered guitarist spoke to on the phone from a warm and sunny Reno, Nevada this week, just prior to yet another farewell (?) show. A chat with one of the metal gods can be read here.

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