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TOPIC: EPITAPH Tour Setlist requests
[tasnam1] Tuesday, February 15, 2011 8:59:51 PM 
I know I will get a LOT of flak for this but……
….I am going to take a different tactic.
Most people post the set lists, and as I read through them I got lost because of the sheer volume of variety of opinions.
So as I said I will take a different tactic.
I love all of Judas Priest songs – even some of the more controversial ones!!!
So my recommendation would be to avoid the “more traditional” great classics
(i.e. Metal Gods, Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight, The Ripper, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming, Victim of Changes, Turbo Lover, Dessert Plains, The Green Manalishi, Prophecy, Touch of evil, Beyond the Realms of Death, Hell Bent for Leather, I’m a Rocker, Diamonds and Rust, and a few others)
NOTE: ALL of the above songs are AWESOME.
But if you want to make this tour SPECIAL, change the set list to make it MEMORABLE!!
My reason for stating this, is because, we have the DVD’s and Videos of these great classics to watch over and over again already. 
This is not to say these aren’t GREAT, but let’s get some new classics played this tour and when they video-tape this tour in Blu-Ray 1080p HD quality we can all watch new tracks.
We need the following on DVD & Audio* :
StarBreaker* (Yes with Extended Drum intro by Scott)
White Heat, Red Hot
Delivering the Goods* or Before the Dawn (Both!!)
NOTE: Since all of BS is on DVD and Audio as of last year, why not skip in place for another track
Don’t’ Go (would be a great "groovy sounding" track like The Rage was Live)
Pain and Pleasure (Freakin great under-rated track!!!!)
Heavy Duty/DOTF* (Great ending track for crowd to chant)
Reckless (It is obvious to almost everyone THIS ONE MUST BE PLAYED. IF you don’t play this it would seem you are not listening to us…with all due respect to the gods of metal themselves)
I would pay $100USD just to see that one song live!!!  Seriously I would!

Hard as Iron or Blood Red Skies (read above comments about this one too)
One shot at Glory (Again same applies to this track)
I assume you will skip Jugulator (Burn in Hell)
I assume you will skip Demolition (Close to you)
Persecution or Alone
 * Yes, I am aware that these songs are Live on Unleashed in the East and in the Metalogy box set, but not video taped in 1080p for a DVD release.

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