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TOPIC: EPITAPH Tour Setlist requests
[Tyrant] Saturday, July 02, 2011 8:55:56 PM 

You must play Reckless! Even if its only in the MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA  SHOWS ! lmfao , and it would be nice to dedicate it to Tyrant ! lmfao @ that to.

If i may say something without offending, we have all the dvd's and live albums, i would like to see a few of the standards dropped , livin after midnight, breaking the law, aspecially, to make room for songs like Reckless, last time in Melb you did Eat me alive , which was fucking awsome...

 Livin after midnight and some others are still perhaps really popular in the usa perhaps , but like i said we have them on dvd , Australian fans i think are alittle different , and i hope the oz fans perhaps put some thoughts up. Maybe in Australia a more fan based set list could happen...

For me .. Reckless of course, The rage, The sentinal, Never satisfied, Island of domination, Free wheel burning, Burning up, Eat me alive, Rock hard ride free, Beyond the realms of death, Electric eye,Take these chains, Killing machine,Evening star, Old to be wise , Turning in circles, Trouble shooter! I would be happy just to hear these only in a show , can you see my angle on this !

My question to Rob and Glenn , is it possible to alter the set list enough for countries / places you are playing , like mine for example .

My other question is , out of all the shows you do on this tour, why cant the one off performances of songs such as some i have mentioned be recorded,  and placed on dvd as a collection, i dont care if its different nights, you are in different clothes or sweating your arse off in on clip and fresh as a daisy in another, this would be a great way to do a hell of alot of songs over the whole tour and we could have a hard copy to see all the songs we have and would never get to see.

I love Rocka Rolla more songs could be done from that over the many nights......

I am not not sure if you guys actually see or read these perhaps ideas are given to you from here, not sure , but i would love to hear about this idea from some 1

If this is perhaps the last time we may see you live, i dont want to waste a god dam minite, i want to see stuff i like and other aussie fans .

I would love to hear Rob, or Glenns thoughts on these very matters.......


Never turn your back, on the Ripper ! T.O.

I do know this means you would have to rehearse a hell of alot songs, but SOD IT,  you are JUDAS FUCKING PRIEST !  LMFAO!

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